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Jiangsu Yixing Institute of Environmental Industry (JIEI) is a promotion agency of environmental industry. It is planned  and finally approved by Jiangsu Scienceand 

   Technology Department, and its construction and management are in  the charge of China Yixing Industrial Park for Environmental

 Science & Technology. Based on the internal and external resources of the park and years of industry experience, the institute keeps an open and inclusive

 service philosophy, aiming to promote the innovation and development for China’s environmental industry.It is based in Yixing

 Industrial Park for Environmental Science & Technology —— one of the first national hi-tech industrial development zone featured in environmental industry. It is also an industrial concentration district with the most variety of products and intensive

 technology for environmental protection enterprises in China. We meanwhile establish working branch in Beijing to set up service communication

 platform towards the whole country to promote timely matching of policies, capital, technology,  talents,  market and so on.

Industry service

To grasp the basic rules to provide quality services for the healthy development of environmental protection industry, respectivelyon information technology talent capital four innovation elements of sharing, transfer, training and demonstration to absorb reengineering, corresponding research under the strategy, technology center, marketing center, communication center, industry professionals formed a school,

 a hospital three the center of "innovation service organization, for the industry to provide real time including think tank construction, 

research and consulting, technology transfer, business services, business incubator, brand activities, media industry,

 personnel training, Park Service advisor.

Numerous creation space

We are committed to creating a full integration of technology, talent, capital and other elements of the industry and provide a full range of multi domain service innovation platform,

 established in June 2014, the Yixing environmental protection horse camp, this is only in the field of environmental protection in Jiangsu province

 provincial public record space.Yixing environmental protection environmental protection enterprises cluster Yixing horse camp by virtue of the unique advantages and

 resources in an open and tolerant attitude,attract and absorb all levels of environmental protection industry of entrepreneurial talent, in a forward-looking strategy, future technology demonstration 

projects,business incubator, information exchange, investment docking, to provide comprehensive services and support focus on the future development the training

 of counseling and other aspects of environmental protection for entrepreneurs.

Forward looking enterprise

We have been committed to promoting China's environmental protection industry to the healthy development of prospective career.

As the Secretary of the Committee of experts at the concept of the sewage treatment plant Chinese City, our long-term support of the Committeeof experts on the "daily work, water quality,

 sustainable energy recovery, recycling, environmental friendly" four pursuit

Put forward the new sewage treatment technology, introduced the concept, technology and equipment for the future, to promote the concept of the sewage treatment

 plant construction, promote industry upgrading, promote China water treatment industry by leaps and bounds lead to tracking.

As a China Chemicals Safety Expert Committee Secretariat, we continue to support the daily work of the Committee of experts, to promote the environmental safety of

 chemicals science and technology research, development and application, to provide professional advice for the development of government decision-making 

and consulting industry, promote the development of China's social construction non-toxic to human health and environmental safety.

Planning studio

In order to meet the current market demand for environmental protection enterprises planning services, relying on the Jiangsu province (Yixing) Environmental Protection

 Research Institute of industrial technology accumulated over the years of industry understanding and expression, integration of multiple resources,

 eventually forming expert consultant level think-tank under the professional planning service team - planning studio came into bloom. With the era of new media

 propagation and environmental protection industry characteristics, "bloom planning" for environmental protection enterprises tailored to a more intimate, more worry,

 more professional, more effective and practical planning services.

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